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The Surprising Truth About Cats and Milk

Think twice before giving a saucer of milk to your cat or that cute stray down the street. While television, movies, and your grandmother swear by giving milk to cats, the reality is that cats can’t digest cow’s milk, especially after weaning.

Unlike human beings, cats do not produce lactase, the enzyme necessary to digest lactose, the type of sugar in cow’s milk. Since this sugar is not digested, water is drawn into the intestine. Also, intestinal bacteria ferment the sugar, which creates gas. The result is a gassy cat with diarrhea and cramps. Not very nice for your furry friend!

If you are looking for a simple treat for your cat, avoid milk. Cats are carnivores, so meat is a better choice. Consider canned tuna fish or cooked chicken breast. No need for any seasonings or additives. Cats will love the taste of meat by itself.

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