Rattlesnake Bites: What to do and FAQ

Imagine it’s a sunny spring day and you are walking your two dogs along the shore of Lake Mead. They are off-leash and loving life, jumping into the water, then chasing each other up and down the beach. Suddenly, they stop. It looks like they found an interesting bush. Then, there’s a yelp. You run up to see what’s the matter. One of your dogs is tossing his head back and forth. He’s whimpering and pawing at his muzzle. Then you hear it. Your stomach drops. From the bush: a rattle. Now what? WHAT TO DO (AND NOT DO) IF YOUR DOG GETS BITTEN BY A RATTLESNAKE If your dog gets bitten by a rattlesnake, the first step is to take a deep breath. While this is indeed a medical emergency, staying calm

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