Forget Steroids: Modern Allergy Meds are Safe and Highly Effective

For a long time, steroids such as prednisone have been the norm in veterinary medicine for treating allergies. Steroids are affordable, pack a punch, and get allergies under control fast. Unfortunately, they also tend to come with a whole bunch of side effects, especially when used long-term. Fortunately, over the past few years, two new allergy medications have hit the veterinary world that make steroids a thing of the past for most patients. Steroids vs Modern Meds If you think about your dog’s immune system like a house with all the lights on, then you can imagine steroids showing up and turning all the lights down low. Now the whole immune system is suppressed, which sets your dog up for

Benefits of Medications Usually Outweigh Risks

When prescribing medications, I always try to talk about possible side effects, since this helps pet owners watch out for possible issues. Most side effects are minor, such as an upset stomach, while others can be screened for with bloodwork. Sometimes, however, just thinking about side effects is enough to make a pet owner hesitate. Even if the odds are 1 in 10,000 that their dog might have an issue, this can seem too dangerous. Why take the risk at all? The reason that we run the low risk of side effects is because medications can have major benefits for our four-legged friends. Bad Allergies? Drugs Are Worth It For example, in the springtime, we have a lot of very, very itchy dogs coming

Snake Season is Coming: Get Vaccinated

You hear that? Is that a rattle? Well, maybe not just yet, but as average temperatures rise in southern Nevada, rattlesnakes will soon be out for hunting and sunbathing. Rattlesnakes are most active in the spring and fall when temperatures reach 70 to 90 degrees, particularly in the morning, evening, and night. If you are hiking with your dog, then keep an eye out for these potentially dangerous locals. Rattlesnakes tend to keep to themselves, but curious dogs that are off-leash just might get a bite on the nose if they don’t mind their own business. Three Quick Tips for Snake Season 2018 Keep your dog(s) leashed. Most dogs are off-leash when they get bitten. This is especially true with a g

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