Open Wide and Say “Woof”: Pet Dentistry Basics

Bubba the Bulldog walks into the veterinary clinic complaining of a toothache. He says that his lower right molar hurts. The veterinarian asks Bubba to sit back in the dental chair. Bubba, a very obedient Bulldog, sits in the chair, opens his mouth wide, and lets the veterinarian look with a bright light at the molar in question. “It’s a broken tooth,” the vet says. “Really?,” replies Bubba. “Really,” says the vet. “Been chewing rocks again?” “Old habits die hard,” Bubba says. The vet takes an x-ray and sees that the crack extends below the gum. “I’m afraid we’re going to have to pull this tooth,” the vet says. Bubba nods his head. Again, Bubba opens wide and lets the veterinarian numb the t

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