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Coyotes Getting Bolder After Dry Spell

While it may not come as a surprise to most residents in the Las Vegas area, coyotes can be a real risk to your pets. And now, after a long dry period, the risks are higher, even if you don’t live at the edge of the desert.

As the dry spell grows longer and water sources become more scarce, coyotes and their prey head into urban areas to find a drink and something to eat. Coyotes have been known to range up to 100 miles in a night, and they aren’t afraid to enter neighborhoods, even going over fences if needed.

A Summerlin couple rang in the New Year with a visit from two coyotes, as reported by Channel 13 Action News. The coyotes were spotted around 1:30am and came towards the man when he whistled.

The man was surprised to find that the coyotes ventured into the apartment complex, and how bold they were to approach.

This kind of behavior suggests that the coyotes may have been fed by people in the past. Unfortunately, tamer coyotes are more likely to cause problems and fall victim to coyote traps or being shot.

Coyote Guidelines

1. Do not feed coyotes if you encounter them in your neighborhood. This only puts more pets and the coyotes themselves at risk.

2. Keep dogs inside at night and be cautious around dawn and dusk. A hungry coyote may go after your small dog if he or she is off-leash, even if you are present.

3. Keep cats inside.

Remember, coyotes were here long before our cities and deserve our respect. That means keeping a safe distance and doing what we can to protect our pets.

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