Try This Special Harness for Your Pulling Dog

Getting yanked down the street by your excited hound on a leash is not a fun way to go for a walk. Besides the annoyance, big dogs can put people at risk of shoulder injuries or bad falls. At the root of this issue is the need for further training, but it’s best to set yourself up for success with the right equipment. While choke collars and pinch collars may discourage your dog from pulling, they are frequently ineffective and put your dog at risk of damage to the neck and windpipe. OUCH. Don’t Get Any Harness A harness with a leash attachment on the back effectively transforms your dog into a sled dog, allowing him or her to pull harder than ever. That’s why people who go skijoring use har

How Auto-feeding Can Simplify Your Life

How can you resist that cute face? Dogs and cats have incredible internal clocks, with alarms set for mealtime. As breakfast or dinner approaches, you may find yourself walking around the house with a furry shadow; one that paws or meows until you start scooping the food. While all that attention can make us feel like heroes for feeding our pets, it can also become a source of frustration. A Tale of Two Kitties My wife and I have two cats. About a year ago the cats started meowing at our bedroom door every morning. At first it was right before we got up, then it got earlier...and earlier...until they were meowing at four in the morning. Even worse, by getting up and feeding the cats, we were

What NOT To Feed Your Pet This Holiday Season

It’s easy to spoil our pets during the holiday season. After all, why should they miss out on all the good cheer? Some people think the best gifts for dogs are holiday leftovers. But before you scrape that last bit of gravy and mashed potatoes into Fido’s bowl, you should know that doing so might also result in a trip to the vet. High Fat Foods Can Trigger Pancreatitis The pancreas is an organ that helps digest foods. When this organ gets inflamed, a condition called pancreatitis develops. The result is a pet that is vomiting, having diarrhea, not eating, and/or suffering from belly pain. While we don’t know what causes all cases of pancreatitis, we do know that high fat foods can be a trigg

Don’t Wait, Aspirate!

If you find a lump on your dog or cat, your next move should be to pick up the phone and call your veterinarian. While many growths are nothing to worry about, some can be life-threatening and are best dealt with as sooner rather than later. As masses get bigger, they get more difficult (or sometimes impossible) to remove. We Need to See Those Cells It’s not possible to know what a mass is by just looking at it. After a thorough exam, it is likely that your vet will perform an aspiration cytology. This is medical lingo for poking the lump with a needle to collect cells, then looking at them under a microscope. That’s where we get the saying, “Don’t wait, aspirate!” Abnormal cells can be a si

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Punish Your Puppy for Accidents in the House

You arrive home from a long day at work to find a big turd in the middle of the living room. Your eight-month-old Golden Retriever bounds up to you wagging his tail. This is the second time this week! You thought you were done with this! Before you start shouting, take a deep breath. Realize that yelling isn’t going to help anybody. If anything, it could make the behavior worse. 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Punish Your Puppy 1. Dogs do not understand why you are upset. If your dog pooped in the house at 1pm, but you are yelling at him at 6pm, then he is not making that connection. Even if it was five minutes ago, he isn’t making that connection. Rewards or punishments are only useful if very, ver

Top 5 Gifts for Your Indoor Cat

Although being indoors is certainly safer, cats are natural hunters, tree climbers, and all-around curious characters. All that time cooped up can lead to kitty cabin fever, making your cat more likely to urinate outside the litterbox, meow all night long, scratch the couch, or attack your feet when you walk by. Don’t worry, you don’t have to let your cat outside. (Nobody wants your fur baby to end up as coyote food.) Check out these top five products that can enrich the life of your indoor cat. 1) Go Pet Club Cat Tree A cat tree is a must-have for any indoor cat. Like their wild ancestors, domestic cats feel safe in high places. This cat tree offers perches, hidey holes, scratching posts, a

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