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What NOT To Feed Your Pet This Holiday Season

It’s easy to spoil our pets during the holiday season. After all, why should they miss out on all the good cheer? Some people think the best gifts for dogs are holiday leftovers. But before you scrape that last bit of gravy and mashed potatoes into Fido’s bowl, you should know that doing so might also result in a trip to the vet.

High Fat Foods Can Trigger Pancreatitis

The pancreas is an organ that helps digest foods. When this organ gets inflamed, a condition called pancreatitis develops. The result is a pet that is vomiting, having diarrhea, not eating, and/or suffering from belly pain.

While we don’t know what causes all cases of pancreatitis, we do know that high fat foods can be a trigger. For example, we see pancreatitis more commonly in dogs that have recently eaten a plate of bacon or gotten into a bag of potato chips.

Treating Pancreatitis

Pancreatitis can range from mild to severe.

Mild cases can be managed at home with anti-nausea medication, pain medication, and a modified diet.

Severe cases can be life-threatening. Hospitalization with close monitoring may be required, sometimes up to a week.

Give Your Pets What They Need, Not What They Want

Remember, what makes that holiday meal so delicious is often fat. Unfortunately, this fat can lead to pancreatitis, so be careful sharing those leftovers.

If you are concerned about your pet’s health, make an appointment with your veterinarian at any of the four Animal Care Clinic, Inc. locations in Boulder City and Henderson.

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