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Top 5 Gifts for Your Indoor Cat

Although being indoors is certainly safer, cats are natural hunters, tree climbers, and all-around curious characters.

All that time cooped up can lead to kitty cabin fever, making your cat more likely to urinate outside the litterbox, meow all night long, scratch the couch, or attack your feet when you walk by.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to let your cat outside. (Nobody wants your fur baby to end up as coyote food.) Check out these top five products that can enrich the life of your indoor cat.

A cat tree is a must-have for any indoor cat. Like their wild ancestors, domestic cats feel safe in high places. This cat tree offers perches, hidey holes, scratching posts, and even a hammock, giving your cat multiple options to tackle the tower or just take it easy.

Looking for a little sunshine? Cats get a kick out of seeing the world go by. This window hammock makes a great spot for some morning bird watching or that six-hour afternoon nap.

Very. Classy. That’s what this handmade hideout is trying to say. A variety of felt color options allow for the perfect match with your cat-friendly abode. The versatile design can double as a bed too.

Boy, all that napping really works up an appetite. Time to get moving! The SlimCat meal dispensing ball is a must for your food-motivated feline. Working for food helps shed fat while fulfilling hunting instincts.

Three levels of colored balls = three times the fun. This toy is an excellent outlet for those kitties that like to bat around with their paws. Better this toy than your feet!

With a little variety, life inside doesn’t have to be dull. Your cat will thank you for any (or all) of these gifts. Maybe for the holidays? How about right meow?

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