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It’s Grain-Free And Expensive But is it worth it?

Digestive and skin problems can be caused by food, but when I ask dog owners about food choice, I often get the same answer:

“But it can’t be the food. It’s grain-free...and expensive!”

Unfortunately, that money may not be well spent. Sensitivity to grains in dogs is extremely uncommon. Instead, dogs frequently have issues with meat proteins such as beef, chicken, or fish.

So if your dog has a chicken allergy, the most expensive, most organic, grain-free, chicken-based dog food on the market could still cause digestive problems, skin problems, or both.

Dogs Are Not Wolves

Dog food marketers (and the guy at the pet store) often say that grains are unnatural for dogs to eat, and that they should be fed like their ancestors, wolves.

But dogs are not wolves. Your dog is a domesticated species that has adapted to living with humans.

One of the adaptations dogs have acquired is the ability to thrive on a diet that includes grains.

Sure, wolves are cool, but they can’t eat grains and ride in cars like dogs can!

The Bottom Line

It is very rare for grains to cause skin or digestive issues in dogs. Love your dog for being a dog, not a wolf.

Consult with a trained veterinarian if you have questions about your pet’s diet. Together, you can make decisions based on scientific facts rather than the latest marketing trend.

These dogs aren’t afraid of a little wheat.

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