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Little Mouths, Big Problems

Small dogs are popular for their big personalities that can still fit on your lap. For apartment dwellers or people who prefer not to wrestle with a big dog, these little characters can make for an excellent addition to the family.

Crowded Teeth Spell Trouble

Unfortunately, when it comes to teeth, small dogs have more issues than their bigger cousins.

Little dogs are more likely to have crowded and abnormally positioned teeth, which promote tartar and bacteria. Eventually, tartar and bacteria lead to loose and infected teeth (dental disease).

Dental disease is often painful because it irritates nerves. If you have ever had a toothache, you know just how painful it can be!

If dental disease goes unnoticed for too long, then teeth must be extracted to relieve pain. In order to prevent or reduce the number of extractions necessary for your small dog, then consider the following preventive measures.

Top Three Ways to Improve Dental Health

1) Get a Dental Cleaning Every Year: All dogs, especially little dogs, should have their teeth examined and cleaned every year by a veterinarian. General anesthesia is necessary, as dogs won’t open wide and say, “Ah.” Since your dog can’t point to the tooth that hurts, x-rays are also essential to evaluate roots.

2) Brush Those Pearly Whites: Could you imagine going a whole year, or even a whole lifetime, without brushing your teeth? That explains the doggy breath! Daily brushing is best. With flavors like chicken or fish, and special ingredients, a toothpaste designed for pets is a must.

If dental disease is already present, then brushing can be painful and ineffective. See your vet if you aren’t sure if your dog has sensitive teeth.

3) Chew on This: Dental chews are an easy addition to your dog’s dental routine. Chewing helps scrape teeth clean and bacteria-fighting ingredients make for a one-two punch.

Make an Appointment Today

If you have questions about your little dog’s teeth, make an appointment today with your veterinarian. Animal Care Clinic Inc., is a group high quality veterinary hospitals serving the communities of Boulder City and Henderson, Nevada.

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