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Duck, Duck...Chicken? Most Dog Foods Aren’t As Advertised

A study in Veterinary Dermatology recently found that 9 out of 10 over-the-counter diets include more ingredients than are listed on the bag. This spells trouble for dogs with food allergies, because they are often sensitive to a specific meat, like beef, chicken, or fish.

Elimination Diets Must Be Prescription Diets

Since over-the-counter diets are unreliable with their actual ingredients, a prescription diet must be used during a food trial when food allergies are suspected, and may be needed long-term. Having accurate ingredients is critical for any dog in this situation, not only to make a diagnosis, but also to choose a long-term diet. Unlike over-the-counter diets, prescription diets are made under strict conditions so that no other ingredients can contaminate the food.

If you think your dog has food allergies, then speak to your veterinarian today. Together, you can choose a diet to help diagnose food allergies, and then develop a long-term solution.

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